The Bathing Box is loaded with 14 PRODUCTS essential for a luxurious, relaxing bath.  She contains 2 sachets of camomile/rose oil Calming Bath Tea, 6 oz container of Rose Petals Bath Salts pure Italian sea salt, Aromatherapy Herbal soap, Seaweed Hydrating Bath, Bubbling Bath Bomb, BeautySkin Real Essence Collagen mask, Pure Silk shaving cream, the Flamingo Taro - white/rose gold razor, a gel mask, Dry Brush tool to exfoliate/detoxify your skin, a scooper, fuzzie socks, and 1 oz Empowered Cologne by Finda Kpakiwa- Soon to be in Nordstrom's.
As you soak, catch up on good manners with "How to Be a Lady" the contemporary guide to common courtesy found in stores like Brooks Brothers.  This box retails for $60.

Bathing Box

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  • This box retails for $60 and includes some sample and/or full size products.  Each box contains products, accessories, and an activity to help you wind down or pass the time during product usage.  For saftey, please use all contents of this box according to the manufaturer's instructions.  Enjoy your box.