Suave, classy ... the Black Diamond Edition for Men is our limited edition box for the well - groomed man.  It contains: customized greeting message (Happy Father's Day From:) , a cartridge razor w/handmade black resin handle - compatible with Mach 3 blades, PRODAJ' Cologne (exclusive to this box), military brush, tirpled milled - Whiskey Soap infused w/whiskey and notes of various fruits, shaving cream brush, American Crew Beard Oil, and premium shaving soap (scent varies from peppermint, cedarwood, sandlewood, or cedarwood/eucalyptus), Power Stick 3-in-1 Beard Wash, The Art of Shaving Beard Prep, and a deck of custom made -Premium Bicycle brand cards. Also included is the book "How to Be A Gentilemen"  the ultimate guide to good manners sold in stores like Brooks Brothers. That's 11 items!! A box like this with just 5 of these items retails for $250.  HERE you get 10 items for a steal!!

Black Diamond Edition for Men PREORDER TIL JUNE 6TH

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  • Sleek, black, classy, and well-made.  Designed for modern convenience and style.  Compatible with Mach 3 razors. Retails for $40.