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Diamond Minds

Updated: Jan 3

Welcome to Diamond Minds blog where you're receive self-care gems


Hello beautiful people,

My name is Quanda. I'm CEO of Diamonds & Pearls Events, LLC - a company dedicated to producing exciting self-care events, kits, workbooks, and journals to promote inner healing through self-care. I'm so excited to extend my passion into a blog that'll provide self-care tips that work! Each week I'll share proven strategies I've used in my own life that transformed my thinking and removed hinderances. The goal is to provide you with tips that will help you master your thoughts, remove blockages, and move you into your destiny.

So, What's With the Name "Diamond Minds"?

Aside from the direct correlation to the name of my company, the name Diamond Minds and self-care are actually very much related. First of all, diamonds symbolize strength and resilience. If you know anything about diamonds, (and ladies I'm sure you do) you know that it requires an extensive amount of time and effort to the formation, maintenance, and improvement of their quality. Well so does self-care. Like diamonds, the time invested in the formation and maintenance of your mindset, body, and soul, is an improvement on your quality of life and overall well-being. Both are valuable, treasured by those who prioritize them, and require an investment in oneself - whether it be financially or emotionally.


Ready, Set,...

So, as we travel on this journey of training our thoughts to work for us and not against us, I also look forward to sharing self-care tips that'll nourish our bodies as well as provide fun and comfort for the soul. This year marks the beginning of thinking better and therefore living better. Diamond Minds... LET'S GO!


I Wanna Hear From You

I'd love to hear from you. Encouraging comments, ideas, recipes, and dialogue are always welcomed. Start by sharing some tried and true tips that's helped you build resilience along the way.


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